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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

Area of Usage for our Environmental Conditioning Technology (ECT)

demand critical standards for facilities disinfection and indoor air quality conditions

We offer a COMPLETE Disinfection and Air Purification package by treating patients' wards, infectious disease wards, surgery rooms, doctors' gowns, and nurses' uniforms, Curtains, Blinds, fabrics etc.

Residence / Offices / Factories

the two locations where individuals spent the most most amount of  time!

individual / families can be experiencing sick house disease syndromes or sick building disease syndromes without their awareness;

cause for such diseases are attributed to chemical substances found in construction materials and domestic products, which can give off foul gases;

TiO2 PCOs are most effective in eliminating these nuisance gases.

Private Car / Taxi / Trains /  Public Transport

usually our second largest investment in life - so needs protecting;

presently, many individuals / families are spending more time on travelling by car;

Solas Shield our very powerful PCO, air cleaning solution, allows one to enjoy the highest quality of a clean environment, not just in their house and offices, but also in - and on your vehicle surfaces as well.

Public Transport

human interactions and physical contacts are many times inevitable when travelling by public transport;

apart from practicing social consideration, and up keeping of personal habits, treating the cabins, seats and holding handles with  PCO offers the extra protection and safety each commuter desires.

Public Venues

bacteria, virus, air pollution, and second-hand smoke are common and abundant in outdoor and public facilities;

beneficial in reducing the intensities of such harmful organisms and unpleasant odours to a level which does not incur public discomfort;

TiO2 Solas Shield Allergy Free PCO possesses enough capabilities to handle many such difficult tasks;

Hospitals, Clinics & Care Homes

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Food production

Animal production is a main source of NH3 emission into the environment and a significant producer of other polluting gases

TiO2 PCO reduces all organic gasses and intensities of such harmful organisms and unpleasant odours to a level which does not incur public discomfort;

TiO2 Solas Shield Allergy Free PCO possesses enough capabilities to handle this discipline over a large area of uses;

Solar Panel Self cleaning surfaces

With our network of trained and licensed application technicians we can apply  the products to almost any surface, either during or outside office/work/occupation or operational hours - 24/7.

We can provide and install our AIRBORNE Allergy free Air Cleaning lamps - or can be supplied for self help installation.

Our process is one of the most advanced in the available market and includes the following practices as standard:

Location review: In the first instance, we would arrange to carry out a complete review of your location and will record the following digital measurements: ATP and CO2 levels. Multi-Gas, Temperature and VOC testing is also available (at a small additional cost)

Project requirements: Based on the above findings and via our in-depth discussions, we can determine the best area and surface mix to apply or install and advise these findings to the client - which would then be agreed in a defined scope of work.

Application: Using either our X-1 Turbine Micron particle sprayer or a Electrostatic Spray System, we would apply the “non disruptive” application treatment onto the agreed surfaces.

Training: We will provide your maintenance staff with training and advise on how the treated surfaces should be maintained for maximum effect to achieve cost saving with only the use of clean water and micro-fibre cloths/mops in the process.

Report: On completion of the project the client would receive a fully documented report defining all aspects of the completed project including details of environmental measurements taken, surface areas treated etc.

On-Going Support: A client may wish for periodic reviews to be conducted to ensure that the treatment is working correctly and this can be agreed on a project by project basis. We can also provide a means to monitor the photocatalytic activity of the treated surfaces for in house test purposes.

Based on what we have achieved through our current project procedures and processes - which are based on years of experience and best practices - we work closely with our area distributors to provide this Licensed Application service in the most practical and professional model available.

We only provide our Distributors and Licensed Applications outlets with the best, binder-less solution that have been laboratory tested and certified as Environmentally friendly and TOTALLY Non Toxic.

Our service is supported by our quality guarantee and excellence in regard to customer satisfaction.

Solas TiO2PCO treatments on older systems will help maximise system efficiency and can lead to system production levels comparable to those observed during the first months of operation.