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 Positive Protection Providing Persistent Prevention 24/7-365 
TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology


Self Sanitising  Solas Shield PCO Breaks down and destroys Bacteria, Fungi, Mould and Virus such as...Anthrax, Avian Flu (H5N8), Black Mould, Candida, C-difficile, E.Coli, HiNi,  Legionnella, Listeria, Mould & Fungi, MRSA (Staph), Ms-2,  Mycobacterium fortiutum, NDM-1, NvN1, SARS, Strep, Salmonella, VRE etc etc...

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Solas Shield PCO actively removes environmental pollution substances, such as NOx (nitrogen oxide) which is atmosphere gas from vehicle and industry pollution. It also has a detrimental effect on SOx (sulphur oxide), a organic matter also present in the atmosphere - actively breaking down both these substances. Also used indoor against Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) for improved Indoor Air Quaility (IAQ)...

Unlike any other surface anti-microbials, Solas Shield is not a diluted Chemical poison (phenols and quaternaries), dangerous Pesticide (Microban) or Heavy metal (Silver ions). Solas Shield  revolutionary and astounding oxidising power comes from natures light itself.

Our PCO has no toxic side effects or environmental hazards in its contents. Like nature’s photosynthesis, our Solas Shield  products simply uses the power of light on a PCO catalyst surface to do its work safely 24/7/365.


Almost all exterior walls of buildings become soiled from automotive and industrial exhaust fumes. When the original building materials are coated with a photocatalyst, a protective film of Solas Shield PCO will provide the self-cleaning building effect by becoming anti-static, oxidative, and super-hydrophilic. The hydrocarbon from automotive exhaust is oxidised and the dirt on the walls washes away with rainfall, keeping the building exterior clean at all times...


Solas Shield PCO causes detrimental damage to organic matter such as post disinfection organic chlorine compounds... Bromodichloromethane, Dibromochloromethane, Tetrachloroethene, Tribromomethane (bromoform),


and many other harmful substances...

Our Solas Shield based treatment  & CFL systems create a PhotoCatalytic Oxidation (PCO) effect that will constantly combat against Bacteria, Mould /Mildew, Odours and Viruses,

Our spray applied application has an “always active” surface protection status, which means...that once treated, surfaces and materials are actively working to maintain a hygienic microbe-free status. This 21st century revolutionary process has tremendous advantages over “passive protection” systems, where today’s conventional cleaning chemicals are employed that  have an immediate kill but with no long term cleaning or a continuation of any  disinfection properties. Also, passive protection methodologies will allow surfaces to become re-contaminated shortly after treatment. When sprayed on surfaces and objects it acts as a catalyst in a chemical reaction . It reacts on Photo Catalytic effects - in the presence of light on a treated surface, a chemical reaction takes place that kills and removes bacteria, mould, odour and viruses will also helps to prevent static build up. A PCO when sprayed on to window glass will also reduce the sun's UV light to minimise discolouration of all in-door furniture that is exposed to sunlight. Our Solas Shield PCO has the world's smallest particles at 2~3nm2 and is totally transparent, it is also not visible to the human eye and harmless to human and animals.

Our Solas Shield treated Lights are fully coated with PCO and they act in a similar manner to the above Photocatalytic Oxidation process and are a perfect added solution for air purification against most indoor air quality (IAQ) related allergy suffering problems.

Removes Nitrogen & Sulphur Oxide emissions from vehicle and industry pollution.

Air Purification


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DEODORISING (Airborne Allergy free)

Solas Shield PCO doesn't cover up smells like conventional air fresheners, it actually attacks the root of the smell by causing the breakdown of the origin of the odour (ammonia, aldehyde gas and smoke, etc).

 Using the power of light - a surface that has been treated with a Solas Shield application will actually burn up harmful pollutants and turns them into clean oxygen. It is totally safe and inert and is the most effective odour eliminator available...

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