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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

TiO2 photocatalytic Oxidation solutions that utilise light energy and air movement to provide Self-cleaning & Hygienic effect.

Nanoscale TiO2 Diameter

To ensure enough specific surface area (the proportion of volume to surface area) is effective, the diameter of TiO2 must be controlled at sub nanometer scale. According to the reports by Scientific American in 2002, the general crystallisation of TiO2 is between 20~250nm, which is not effective.

In fact,TiO2 Photocatalytic will only work with total effect if its diameter is under 7nm. This is because in 3-D space, the smaller the particles’ diameters are, the closer they will line up, then the increase of specific surface area will cause more sensitive reactions. The average diameter of TiO2 in Solas Shield™ photocatalyst is within 2 to 3nm, which could result in a larger specific surface area, and with a higher effectiveness per unit.

Application with Direct Spray methods

Our Solas-Shield  product is from one of the only professional photocatalyst manufacturer with superior fixation technologies that allow the product to be sprayed directly without the need of binder agents.

Our specialist XI Turbo Spray gun is designed solely for use with this Solas Shield TiO2 and with a 5 micron delivery ability displays excellent results for close spraying and enclosed area solutions.

Electrostatic spraying is also possible on larger areas where it charges up the mist to provide better surface coverage per hour and lesser wastage.

It dries within seconds and cures within 4 hours.

Oxidising agent


Oxidation potential (V)




OH radical




O3+2H++2e=H2O+ O2


Hydrogen peroxide

H2O2+2H++2e=2H 2O


Manganese peroxide

MnO4-+8H++5e=Mn2++4 H2O


hypochloro us acid









Comparison against various types of oxidising agents.

Self-clean Air & Surfaces EDT

Our Solas Shield PCO is a  super Powerful Photocatalystic Hypoallergenic Agent, which is activated by any of light source (inc visible) and will produces super strong oxidative property on any treated surfaces. Our TiO2 PCO process decomposes and removes any kind of harmful organic substances, virus, bacteria, or mould touching it by contact.

Our products TiO2 particles average 2 - 3 nanometers in size, less than a tenth of the size of the average bacterium, however, the remarkable effectiveness of our nano-particles is in its huge surface area - which is really significant because most chemical reactions involving solids occur at the surface level. As a comparison, a normal size cube of sugar averages about 1cm of surface area, but if you fill that cube with 3 nanometer sized particles, the surface area of all those particles is an astonishing 2,000 square meters.