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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

TSA  Home & Vehicle Trigger  Spray

New Cleaning Technology Treatment that Eliminates Pollutants and Tough Odours...TiO2 Nano Technology (as used by the NASA Space Program) Super-Hydrophilic Technology uses light to safely destroy Viruses, Air Pollutants, Allergens, Bacteria, Moulds and Pungent Odours, Viruses and other microbial pollutants.

Spray a light coat of  TSA  and when it dries, it creates a semi-conductive Ultra-Thin-film (UTF) which is activated by light with the following benefits;

Environmentally Friendly

Independent Laboratory tested for Photocatalytic Activity and Performance

Long Lasting Effectiveness




One Aerosol Spray Can = Net Wt. 170ml, sufficient for approx 20 square metres area

Spray TSA onto exposed surfaces in your home, office or vehicle, then sunlight, fluorescent light or light from  TSA  will produce an electrochemical photocatalytic action that destroys viruses, air pollutants, allergens, bacteria, moulds and pungent odours on contact as the contaminants near the treated surfaces.

Use TSA  ...



Application Directions

TSA  can be applied upon almost all surfaces such as fabrics, wooden furniture, glass windows, etc. However, we would recommend doing a small (unseen) test area on delicate fabrics and surfaces to TSAertain compatibility prior to coating the whole area.

TSA  is applied straight from your purchased spray can and contains.

First, thoroughly clean all surfaces to remove all dirt, mould and other debris.

Leave to dry totally.

Hold the aerosol spray can about 30cm (12”) away from the surface you intend to coat.

To ensure an even coat, first spray surfaces using a side to side motion then again with an up and down motion. You should expect to see a very thin mist-like film.

Any excess spray or runs should be wiped  away immediately with a plain cloth.

Allow the surface to fully dry.