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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

A Brief Sample of Efficacy and Test Reports

Anti bacterial testing PSB TUV / SUD

Bacterial Test Report on Cotton Cloth

IAQ Test at Mandale Heights, Singapore

IAQ Test Amari Sanctuary, Sentosa, Singapore

Inactivation of SARS with TiO2

LCD Light Module Efficacy Test Results (JPG_

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Removal of Ethelyne from Fruit (Simple Ex)

Surgical / Laboratory Face Mask Test Report

Test Report Appleland Kindergarten

Toxicity Test SGS (Thailand) #1

Toxicity Test SGS (Thailand) #2

UV Absorption of TiO2 Suspension

VOC Test Report  TUV SUD Singapore


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4 Important Environmental Questions

Beauty of the Product

Environmental Cleaning

Equestrian and Vet Practice

Green Buildings Use - Singapore

Indoor Air Pollutants by Area

Moulds Algie & Fungi

NanoYo use in Vehicles

PSB Anti Microbial Activity Report (SG)

Specification & Coating Sheet


Brief Testimonials & Applications Worldwide:

Appleland  Playhouse Nursery Singapore

Susa Hospital, Wakayama City, Japan

Restaurant Kyoto, Japan

Quill Building, Selangor, Malaysia

Ministry of Health - Brunei

Ministry of Health /Ministry of Education Malaysia

Plaza Premier Lounges (Airports worldwide) KL

Assunta Hospital, Malaysia

Singapore Green Buildings application list

Testimonials UK & IRELAND

Absolutely fresher air and no more mould in the shower” P.E, Kingskettle

“The smell of smoke just disappeared “ S.G, Glenrothes

“The whole house now feels fresher all the time”AT, Kettle

“Made a big difference in the beer cellar against Mould and odours” Hotel, Kinghorn

“Never knew what the problem was until I tried this” DG, Glenrothes

“No more kitchen odours present in the restaurant” SC, Hotel, Kingskettle

“A total breath of fresh air in the Shower and Toilets” SM, Newburgh

“I managed to get  fresh fruit to last longer - just by applying Ultra-Thin-Film to the bowl surfaces” VT

“Made a big difference with the lack of smoke odour in my van “ AP, Wexford

“Both my wife and I have already noticed a lighter and fresher feel in the air”  SD, Crail