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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

Flowers, Fruits, Plants and Vegetables - and prolonging their usable life

Ethylene gas is the well known plant growth regulator that causes both ripening and spoilage of  Foods, Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers.

Ethylene is 5,000 times more toxic to plants than carbon monoxide is to humans. A carbon monoxide level of 100 ppm causes headaches in humans, but an ethylene level of only 0.02 ppm begins to reduce pollination set in plants.

 The ability to reduce ethylene constantly just using the power of  light will greatly increase the shelf life of produce, make cut flowers last longer and save money by decreasing the spoilage rate of many perishable food stocks.

Laboratory tests have already demonstrated - that even in very high saturation environments in which there was little or no air movement in the treated area, this destructive gas was  dramatically reduced with only a small amount of fluorescent light as a fuel for the Photocatalyst  Oxidation process which is provided by the Solas Shield TiO2 PCO Ultra-Thin-Film.

As an example...The cut flower industry in the United Kingdom is currently worth over £2 billion a year. But with dangerous culprits like Botrytis cinerea ( a necrotrophic fungus that affects many plant species) and Ethylene gas in the air it’s no surprise that floral growers, retailers and wholesalers are beginning to see that a TiO2 PCO air purifying system in coolers, displays, handling, packing and shipping dispatch areas is really a very cost effective solution to protect their valuable assets.


  1. Bouquet Rooms
  2. Clean Rooms
  3. Display areas
  4. Glasshouse/Greenhouse interior
  5. Packaging line area
  6. Refrigerated Coolers
  7. Tissue Culture Laboratories
  8. Transportation