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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

Our technology is based on the original principal of Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) and, apart from our “Allergy Free” Compact Fluorescent Lamps (AF-CFLs) our product is simply applied as a spray treatment…so there is no expensive hardware to purchase - even our CFL’s will save you money. Simply spray the product direct to the surfaces of the problem area and then fit one AF CFL for every 10m2 of area that requires treatment…then forget about it for 3 years - that’s it!

There are mechanical systems available for sale that can nearly do the same job, however, they are inherently expensive, need specialist installation and use a lot more energy to do the same task!

In comparison, our TiO2 PCO systems are available at a fraction of these systems.

Our DIY kits are available as follows…

150ml of NanoYo-TiO2 PCO  based Airborne Sentry (sufficient for 30m2 in a atomised spray top bottle)                                      £28.57p each

Our AF Lamps are fully coated with NanoYo-TiO2 PCO

11w (=58w) AF CFL (Bayonet)       £11.95p each

15w (=73w) AF CFL (Bayonet)       £13.30p each

20w (=88w) AF CFL (Bayonet)       £16.47p each

Prices include P&P and UK VAT.

Changing the Hotel & Hospitality industry!

With affordable, easily applied and very low maintenance…