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TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

• Demand critical standards for facilities disinfection and indoor air quality conditions

• Our products can offer a COMPLETE disinfection package by treating patients' wards, infectious disease wards, surgery rooms, curtains, ward furniture, beds, doctor and nurses' gown/uniforms, etc.

• Surgical Face Masks are available with 28 hour PCO protection - both ways!


Products related to the processes for Air Purification, Bacteriological, Anti Fungicidal, Anti Mould, Anti Viral, Self Cleaning Surfaces, Deodorising, Environmental Decontamination & Protection, Ultra Violet Blocking and Water Purification.

Aside from standard issue infections like Colds and Flu, most people do not realise how microorganisms can travel back with them from public places that they visit throughout the day.

Typically our products should be applied to persistently function in the following applications...

Educational and child care environments represent a breeding ground for contagious microbes, which can seriously disrupt the educational process and continually puts both your students and faculty members at increased risk.

Farm to Fork…never in the full and varied history of the farming and food industry - has such a golden opportunity for Breeders, Growers and Producers ever been available! It is also ideal for Hydroponics rooms and also suitable for Veterinarian Centres.

Health care facilities are a constant battle ground against infectious disease. With healthcare acquired infections like MRSA, SARS, Legionnaires  and C.Diff incidents occurring at record numbers, hospitals and other medical facilities are “quite rightly” more demanding of the most effective systems and modern solutions available. This product is equally suitable for Dental practices and Veterinarian  Centres

Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Cafe’s host a variety of threats ranging from food-borne illnesses, such as E.coli and Salmonella, to more serious threats like Hepatitis and MRSA .

Marine & Offshore environments pose special challenges with moulds, mildew, crew-borne contagions & food borne-illnesses an ongoing struggle. Close quarters, constant moisture, inadequate ventilation and other factors allow moulds and mildews thrive. Also its ability at keeping surfaces free from organic growth means it is ideal for wind turbine structures and blades.

Prison or Detention facility can be another incubator for contagious diseases  such as...C.diff, Staph, or Hepatitis etc.

Flu and cold season alone can rapidly effect entire departments and divisions, often drastically effecting workflow and overall productivity. Safeguarding your employees and customers not only keeps people healthy. I

Store outlets of all kinds - but specifically - grocery and convenience stores,can represent an area for special concern when it comes to controlling the population of infectious organisms.

All transportation modes inherently represents possible increased populations of microbial threats, especially as frequently rotating passengers will occupy the same space. It can also be utilised to keep your livery protected against UV damage and as a means to keeping your fleet clean and presentable.It’s also ideal for the family transport.

Industry Sectors that we can train your team to do your own applications
Agriculture & Gardening Industries
Automotive Sales

Building Construction
Building Restoration Industry

Commercial Cleaners

Commercial & Real Estate

FM Companies

HVAC Consultants
Indoor Air Quality/

Manufacturing & Factorie facilities
Pollution control consultants
Property Owner / Management organisation

Roofing Contractors

Special Coating Industry

Transportation Industry

Vehicle Valet services

Building Exterior...TiO2 Photocatalyst treatment can be applied to the exterior of most buildings to treat and prevent unsightly damages caused by the environment. It also helps to cut down on the overall maintenance time and associated cost in...
• Airports • Apartments • Commercial building complex • Convention Centers • High rise buildings • Museums  • Parking structures • Skyscrapers • Theaters and Entertainment facilities

Transportation Solutions: Photocatalyst Ultra-Thin-Film application will purify and deodorise the interior and give the operator and passengers a much more pleasant travel experience. Odour embedded in the carpet, dashboard, mats, roof lining and seats will be decomposed to give that new car feel again.

• Air Purification • Deodorisation • Paint UV fade protection • Sanitisation, Self-Cleaning, Sterilisation... Use on Airplanes, Ambulance, Caravans, Cars, Cruise Ships, Boats, Buses, Mobile Homes, Limousines, Public transportation, Rental cars, Taxi, Trains, Trucks, Trailers, Subways & Stations, Vans and more.

Deodorising and Sanitising your Environment: The Photocatalyst decomposes odour molecules caused by chemicals in detergents, furniture, paint, tobacco smoke, urine and feacal matter. Photocatalyst will continuously deodorise your living space and will eliminate the smells at source.

• Airplanes • Casinos • Convention Centers • Cruise Ships • Hotel and Motel rooms • Pet shops and animal hospitals  • Public restrooms • Restaurant • Senior Centers • Supermarket

With a constant amount of light provided, a TiO2 photocatalyst can control and prevent the growth of bacteria, germ, and mould...and any harmful bacteria and germs will be totally evaporated.

• Bars • Casinos • Clinics • Convention Centers • Club House • Day-Care centers • Hospital • Public Restrooms • Restaurant • Schools/University • Sports Stadiums • Theaters

Self-Clean Treatment Technology can treat Air Filters, Blankets, Carpets, Clothing, Curtains, Rugs, Shoes, Socks, Towels, Wallpaper and more.